Legacy continues its commitment to water saving in Cape Town


Paddy Brearly MD of Legacy Hotels and Resorts

The good news Cape Town has been waiting for has finally arrived: Day Zero may not even happen. This is due to the fact the dams that service the Cape Town area have filled up to just over 48 percent, bringing much needed relief to residents in the Cape.

According to authorities in the province, water restrictions will continue to remain in force for the foreseeable future, in order to preserve the water available. If the Cape Town area can maintain these levels, there could very well be no Day Zero looming in the New Year. The success in keeping the dreaded day at arm’s length can largely be attributed to the residents of Cape Town and their diligent water saving practices.

‘We are committed to continue conserving water at all our Cape Town properties, namely The Portswood Hotel and The Commodore Hotel. We are overjoyed that the water levels in the region are looking good, and that our visitors and the local residents, can now finally have some breathing room.

We are ready to do the work to make sure that we contribute to keeping it that way,’ says Paddy Brearley, MD of Legacy Hotels and Resorts.

The Portswood and The Commodore have, to date, strictly enforced water restrictions by providing guests with shower timers, lowering water pressure, recycling grey water and reducing the number of linen changes in long stay rooms.  The city of Cape Town will continue to keep level 6B water restrictions in place, meaning that water consumption is still limited to 50 litres per day per person.


Legacy’s Commodore Hotel


Legacy’s Portswood Hotel

‘We all need to continue doing our part to ensure that we never see Day Zero. Legacy Hotels and Resorts will keep our restrictions in place, while still offering our guests the highest level of service they have come to expect from our hotels,’ says Brearley.

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