Stringent water restrictions recommended for Cape Tourism Industry

Saving water supports responsible tourism

Saving water supports responsible tourism

Water resources are under detrimental pressure at the moment, especially in the Western Cape and this directly impacts the tourism industry. With the introduction of Level 3B water restrictions it becomes even more important for hospitality businesses to ensure that water usage is limited.

The Federated Hospitality Association of Southern Africa (FEDHASA) has a responsible tourism mandate designed to maximise economic, social and environmental benefits. In essence, responsible tourism creates better places for people to live in and better places to visit.

As an industry body, FEDHASA urges local tourism establishments to be mindful of their water consumption and consider water saving solutions in an effort to make a meaningful difference.

FEDHASA is an industry Trade Association for the Hospitality industry (accommodation & catering sectors).  FEDHASA is thus not a regulatory body and therefore does not have the authority to pass judgement and/or to regulate the operations of any of our properties.  They merely ensure that their members act ethically and legally comply with the relevant industry legislation.

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