Top five tips for a memorable conference


Jeanine Smith, marketing manager, special projects for Legacy Hotels and Resorts.

A conference that stands out is one that is still remembered by participants months after the event. These days, conferences tend to be smaller due to cost restrictions, however, there is always a way to delight, surprise and make an event special. The more exciting the conference, the greater the chance that delegates will want to return to your venue in the future.

Creating a superb conference starts with careful planning and with attention to detail to every aspect, from the invite to the follow up afterwards. Of course, some added extras can go a long way to keep the conference in the attendee’s mind. Here are my top five tips on giving conferences a little extra:

The Speaker

Find a vibrant and engaging speaker who understands the theme of the conference and brings a unique and appealing aspect to the topic he or she has been given. Many speakers have websites or YouTube channels where you can get a sneak peek of their style. If you’re choosing someone from within your company or industry, ensure that they are at ease with public speaking and they understand the requirements of being a speaker. Speakers are what the attendees are interested in seeing – it’s important to make this count

 Get Tech Savvy

Create apps for the event where attendees can RSVP and check into the event. The app can be used to provide the agenda for the conference, speaker bios and even directions to the venue. Use an app to create a game for the participants for example, a quiz game that they have to use their smart phones for. Tech isn’t just about fancy video screens and providing WiFi anymore.

Healthy Foods – not just for health conferences

More and more people are becoming health conscious. This has influenced the choices they make at the buffet table as well as what they choose to drink. Lighter meals and snacks mean that attendees don’t feel tired and foggy headed after lunch. Make it interesting with things such as wheatgrass shots, paleo or banting choices and fruit kebabs.

Go green

Look at ways of reducing energy consumption at the conference itself and use things like recycled paper if paper is a necessity. Green conferencing also means using available technology intelligently in the case where meetings and conferences can be done via video.

A little extra pizzazz

Making a memorable conference means adding a few quirks and unexpected sparkle. This means that as part of a break, attendees could be treated to an invigorating yoga session or even enjoy an Indian head massage before going back into the conference. These little extras go a long way to making a conference remarkable.

AUTHOR: Jeanine Smith, marketing manager, special projects for Legacy Hotels and Resorts

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