Perking up ‘bleisure’ in SA

The once-firm line between work and play has become rather blurred in recent years. That’s because the question of whether someone is travelling for business or leisure has become almost redundant, according to Global Business Travel Association (GBTA).

Business or pleasure?

The millennial generation has been driving this trend of combining work and pleasure – leisure and business travel – into bleisure, i.e. adding-on leisure travel to a business trip. So much so, that it has become a lifestyle says Wayne Neath, national sales manager for Dream Hotels and Resorts.

For many companies, says Neath, bleisure opportunities are becoming a powerful tool to retain or recruit talent. ‘While corporates have been reluctant to allow bleisure travel in the past, we are starting to see more flexibility with corporates offering this as a perk.’

Two thirds of professionals extend a business trip by a few hours or days to enjoy the city, while three quarters make time for leisure activities within a trip, according to recent research by

‘The study is interesting for companies that have large travelling workforces, in that it reveals that 45 percent of professionals value the ability to blend business travel with leisure over traditional workplace benefits,’ says Neath.

‘Recruiting and retaining the right staff is critical for a company’s success so, when you consider the positive impact that bleisure travel has on employees’ motivation levels, job satisfaction and productivity, it makes sense to try and make provision for it one’s corporate travel policies.’

Dream holiday

Founded with the belief that people are connected through shared memories, Dream Hotels & Resorts was established with the dream of creating lasting memories by providing the right canvas: a varied portfolio of resorts and lodges including exclusive membership and ownership opportunities in South Africa’s most sought-after holiday destinations. Dream Hotels & Resorts’ mantra across its 23 properties is to provide an experience that makes the guest feel like the only guest. This ‘One Guest’ approach centres around exceeding expectations to provide guests with the dream holiday they deserve.

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