Goodbye boring, hello fun! – Conference trends to watch

When you imagine attending a business conference, there is a certain expectation that comes with it. Typically it involves being cocooned in a stark white space or darkened room, rows of chairs, and a projector pointing at a pull-down screen.

It might not be an inspiring setting, but it is practical and functional with all the necessary basics in place. But what if you took all the essentials for running a good conference and threw in an incredible view, gourmet food and inspiring activities?

With four multi-functional and modern meeting and events spaces, Radisson Blu Hotel Waterfront’s offering fulfils the demands of conferencing in 2019.

Dominique Van Wezop, F&B operation manager shares a few top conferencing tips that could spark creativity and engagement to help ensure a successful event. Here’s how to stay on top of current trends, and ensure your event is a standout.

Upgrade your technology

Embracing technology trends can benefit organisers and those attending.

Whether its for connectivity, engagement or marketing purposes, technology can do a lot to boost your event. Does your event warrant a personalised app that guests can log into and use for schedules, speaker information and more? Can you connect people from around the world ‒ whether it’s speakers via video, or live streaming allowing a wider audience to access your message and content? Have you considered a social media strategy? Or, at the very least, you could create handy hashtags to keep track of engagement and boost the marketing of your event, and your business, across a variety of platforms.

Seek out savvy speakers

It is imperative to carefully consider the best speakers for your conference. Perhaps a celebrity or influencer will best get your point across. While these may be crowd pleasers, keep in mind that in many cases someone truly connected to the content could have more of an impact.

When multiple presenters are involved, ensure that they are a diverse group speaking about fresh, new ideas on a range of subjects. Too many conferences have a host of speakers talking about the same thing, albeit in slightly different ways.

For your conference seats to remain filled by the end of the day, try to ensure the speakers are engaging, has room for audience participation, and are passionate about their subject matter.

Feed those rumbling stomachs

Nothing clouds the mind quite like a hungry stomach, so keep that in mind when the question of catering for your conference comes up.

If your event is scheduled to run from morning through afternoon, even if you have a break in-between, you should provide refreshments and some kind of sustenance in the form of food.

This might seem simple enough, but we’re not talking just about a selection of mini muffins and sandwiches.

With people generally becoming and are more health conscious, it’s important to offer a variety of options catering to a broad scope of dietary requirements.  Think of theming your breaks like healthy brain food menu or for some excitement everything chocolate, or orange or strawberry.

Factor in breaks and activities

People learn and process information in different ways. But most people can’t sit still and listen to speakers for too long without their minds wandering. It’s not enough to have interesting content, as it will only be a matter of time before the conference starts to feel like a chore.

Keep energy levels up by getting guests out of their seats and moving, with engaging activities to entertain and make an impact. Consider dividing people into groups to take part in short activities together or enjoy a tea break outside in the fresh air

Or create a competition, where winners at the end of the day walk away with more than a free lanyard or USB. Whatever you do, remember to allow for frequent breaks throughout the day. Your guests will thank you for it, and will repay your efforts by being more attentive and alert through all the other activities of the day.

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