Face recognition check-in revolutionising the event industry

Facial-recognition-fielddrivefielddrive, the award-winning, onsite attendee management technology company, and Zenus, the premier face recognition provider in the events industry, has won the prestigious Tech Watch Award at IBTM World in Barcelona.

Revolutionising the industry, to create the world’s fastest event check-in and providing a memorable experience for attendees in the mice industry, fielddrive and Zenus’ solution entails a seamless and secure online experience with fully-encrypted biometric data. Although no photos are stored at any stage, attendees faces are recognised as soon as they walk up to a check-in kiosk, and their full-colour badges printed instantaneously.

This latest Award follows on from receiving the Best Technology Partnership Award at the Event Technology Awards in London earlier this month.

Danny Stevens, founder and CEO of fielddrive, says they were, ‘Very proud to be leading the way’. Zenus president, Panos Moutafis, adds: ‘This joint award gives us strength to continue spreading innovative solutions and improving the life of event professionals.’

Client quotes

fielddrive’s long-standing client and partner, Keller Williams Realty (US, Austin), was one of the first to pilot the new check-in. Allison Young, events project coordinator at Keller Williams Realty, says:

‘We’ve been a client of Fielddrive since 2016, and highly value their commitment to innovation and being industry leaders. This year, we added Zenus’ facial recognition solution to our signature events, and check-in has continued to become even more speedy and stress-free.’

About fielddrive

fielddrive is an innovative and award-winning event technology company that offers tailored-made solutions for registration, check-in, live badging, attendee tracking and lead retrieval.

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