DuPont launches smart conference table for improved collaboration

DuPont Electronics & Imaging has introduced a first-of-its-kind Smart Conference Table, a complete communications solution for collaborative spaces. Drawing inspiration from insights across the fields of manufacturing, technology and design, the table adds style, reduces clutter and improves collaboration.

‘DuPont is thrilled to share this product following months of extensive research and testing,’ says Brian Ammons, business director, Smart Materials. ‘We believe that products such as our Smart Conference Table are the future of collaboration and we are excited to provide solutions for this space, and others related to Smart Buildings and IoT (Internet of Things).’

Seamless conferencing and phone calls

The Smart Conference Table combines DuPont’s experience in the fields of technology and design, offering a complete collaboration solution with seamless conferencing and phone calls, as well as easy-to-use controls for adjusting the room environment, including lighting, room shades and audio levels.

The table can include any combination of the following built-in design features:

● Touch pad-integrated, wireless control system

● Embedded LED lighting display for custom branding

● Smart room controls for lighting, shade and volume

● Retractable HDMI, USB and power supply cables

● Wireless Qi charging for smartphones

● Individual MEMS audio pickups for superior call clarity

● Inductive speakers for high sound quality

Modular design

Additionally, the Corian Solid Surface material is durable and can withstand the wear of regular use. The table’s modular design makes collaboration space redesign a simple process, no equipment or tools beyond the table to contend with.

The Smart Materials segment links DuPont’s strengths in both the Building and Construction markets as well as in the Electronics space to develop new products centered on providing full IoT solutions for the Smart Building space. By integrating various electronic functionalities directly into building materials, DuPont is creating a new class of connected products.

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