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How to travel for business during the holidays


South Africans take their holidays pretty seriously. That’s understandable after a year of hard work that often involves long hours and arduous commutes. But even as many people are packing mountain-bikes and suntan-lotion rather than laptops for their next journey, others will be travelling to meetings and presentations. So how can you stay sane and […]

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Conferencing in 2019 needs a different approach – here’s why


Even though budgets are under increasing pressure, the business benefits of conferencing are priceless: education and skills sharing opportunities, networking, and an off-site environment for colleagues to learn more about themselves and one another by participating in fun activities.

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There’s no ‘I’ in team but there can be plenty of fun


As the year winds down and South Africans start to plan their holidays, many employers will look at ways to reward their teams for their work and inspire them to start the new year with gusto. Dawn Weir, head of kulula work, says teambuilding can be a constructive and enjoyable way to end the year. […]

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Get to grips with sustainable travel


Sustainable travel has come a long way in recent years and not only from a resort and business perspective but also from a traveller perspective. We know that the tourism sector has grown by 69 percent globally, this coupled with the fact that tourists have become a lot stricter on the type of location they […]

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British Airways recognised as top airline in Ask Africa Orange Index awards


British Airways (operated by Comair) has been recognised as the top airline in the Airline Industry Category at the 17th annual Ask Africa Orange Index awards ceremony.

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Should delegates be able to use personal devices during meetings?


With the advent of smart phones, smart watches, tablets and free, fast WiFi, the conference environment has become a haze of digital noise and distraction – where once the guest speaker was venerated, looked upon with interest or at least an attempt at interest, these days heads are down, fingers are flicking and attention spans […]

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